Mobile, AL, skyline

Our vision

SJ&L management and employees intend to provide a quality product, produced by a team of safe, highly motivated individuals, who are working for a common goal of generating revenue and long term profitability for themselves, as well as the next generation of employees, based on sound Christian principals of honesty and integrity.


Putting the team above personal interest. Pulling together all of the company’s resources to operate efficiently.


Doing a job one time, on time, to the best of our ability. Eliminate call backs and unnecessary delays to ensure customer satisfaction.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Superior service to build a long term relationship with the customer and a respected reputation to attract new customers.


Based on the integrity that comes from being a professional.


To be able to reinvest profits and build a base for continued growth and the ability to anticipate opportunities for diversification.

Our promise

We will accomplish our goals by asking for, seeking and expecting employees with drive and initiative to go beyond what they think is required of them. We have all got to be willing to take a chance to move ahead of the competition.

Therefore, we must conduct ourselves with a high degree of professionalism. We need to have an extensive amount of planning followed by an objective assessment of the results to be able to organize, direct, motivate and control the future of our company.

This can only be done by inviting each and every employee to utilize the freedom of getting involved and expressing their ideas involving the company. If we follow these principles and objectives we will use the twenty-first century to build a corporation that our families, friends, and competition will admire and respect. Every employee will take pride to be a member of our professional team.