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Since 1978, we have worked with developers, municipalities, general contractors, government agencies and large industrial corporations. With our experience, knowledge and expertise we will work vigorously on behalf of your firm and ours to minimize the time and money required to complete your project. We invite you to take few minutes and review the SJ&L featured projects below.

Somerby Place

2016 / TBG Residental / Mobile, AL / Project in progress

Somerby is large multi-family building complex that is managed and owned by TBG Residential and located in West Mobile, Alabama.

  • 8-acre site cleared and grubbed
  • Storm drainage
  • Installation of water and sewer utilities
  • General grading

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USA Delta Storm

2016 / University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL / Project in progress

SJ&L is performing storm drain installation in the Delta dorm Parking lot at the University of South Alabama.

  • Installation of 72" RCP and related structures
  • Pavement and base
  • Removal and replacement

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USA Hydronic Piping

2015 / University of South Alabama / Mobile, AL / Project recently completed

The University of South Alabama is a large campus including several medical buildings. SJ&L, Inc. frequently works for the university as they continue to grow.

  • Installed chilled and hot water supply and return piping system which included installing over 7,400 ft of pipe ranging in size from 4 to 30”.

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Garrow’s Bend - Intermodal Container Transfer Facility

2015 / MILORD Company / Mobile, AL / Project recently completed

The port is the heart of Mobile, so anytime SJ&L, Inc. gets a job that will increase business for our beloved city it’s a good day. This project was a substantial undertaking and had several phases. Our team was ready to dive in.

  • 4-acres of the site cleared and grubbed
  • 60+ acres of grading in the dredge spoil containment area
  • Installation of 8,000 LF of storm drainage
  • Installation of four 12-foot diameter storm water quality structures at a depth of approximately 17 ft in very wet conditions
  • Approximately 18,000 ft of perforated under drain
  • Installation of 7’x10 ft double box culvert with more than 115 ft linear length
  • Installation of force main sewer and water main utilities

Click on image for Alabama State Port Authority project photos

University of South Alabama Professional Office Building

2015 / Doster Construction Company Inc. / Mobile, AL / Project in progress

The University of South Alabama’s Professional Office Building is located near USA Children’s and Women’s hospital in the heart of midtown Mobile, Alabama. This project involved several different phases.

  • 2-acres cleared and grubbed
  • Mass excavated for building pad
  • Undercut for building pad
  • Installation of heavy duty crane road
  • 60"underwater retention system
  • Potable water, fire water, gravity sewer

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Neighborhood Walmart

2014 / Nearen Construction Company / Mobile, AL / Project recently completed

SJ&L performed work at a Neighborhood Walmart located on University Boulevard and Overlook Road, in Mobile, Alabama.

  • 14-acres cleared and grubbed
  • Installation of the site storm water system as well as a large retention pond
  • Installation of potable water, fire water, gravity sewer
  • Performed all grading activities and base installation for the parking and driving areas

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Airbus Central Utilites Plant

2013 / Brasfield and Gorrie, LLC / Mobile, AL / Project completed

Airbus is a booming business in our port city. We were excited to work on the Central Utilities Plant with Brasfield and Gorrie LLC for Honeywell Corporation.

  • Installation of force main water and sewer
  • Site excavation
  • Building pad
  • A 32 ft deep sewer lift station 8 ft in diameter excavated and installed

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Stone Bridge Subdivision

2013 / Fish River, LLC / Loxley, AL / Project completed

Stonebridge is a subdivision located in Loxley, Alabama. SJ&L, Inc. cleared the land and prepared it for construction and built rip rap detention areas.

  • Twenty four acres of land cleared
  • Installation of force main sewer
  • 1 ½ miles of roadway
  • Under cut all roadways
  • Potable water
  • Rip rap detention area
  • Grade, drain base and pave

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Highway 11 Horizontal Bore

2011 / John G. Walton / Lumberton, MS / Project completed

Highway 11, just north of Lumberton, MS is an alternate Evacuation Route that runs parallel to Interstate 59. Long plagued by inadequate drainage, the Highway floods during times of rain resulting in the closure of this vital evacuation route when it is most needed.

  • 48” drainage line was installed at depths of 24’
  • 700 LF of 48” diameter steel pipe was Installed of which 400’ was a horizontal bore

Click on image for Highway 11 Bore project photos

Austal Modular Manufacturing Facility

2008 / Gray Construction / Mobile, AL / Project completed

After the purchase of an additional 102-acre site across from their existing facility, Austal USA decided to construct a state of the art modular manufacturing facility, warehouse and new administration building.

  • 625,000 CY of earthwork was moved
  • 10,000 LF of storm pipe was installed
  • Over 120 storm structures were constructed
  • 5 storm water treatment systems installed
  • 31,200 tons of aggregate based compacted
  • 96,600 SY of asphalt paved
  • Over 14,000 ft of curb and gutter installed
  • Over 58,000 feet of conduits installed

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Mobile Infirmary Lift Station

2004 / Mobile Area Water and Sewer / Mobile, AL / Project completed

Unable for the existing gravity sewer to handle the increased flow during peak periods and storm events, Mobile Area Water & Sewer Authority decided to install a lift station at the north end of the property and run a dedicated force main to the interceptor line to combat these flows.

  • SJ&L was chosen to perform this work which included a directional bore beneath Three-Mile Creek
  • 8 ft diameter lift station was installed 24 ft in depth and 142 LF of 24” ductile iron pipe

Click on image for Mobile Infirmary Lift Station project photos

Pinto Island Water Main

2004 / Mobile Area Water and Sewer / Mobile, AL / Project completed

When the Mobile Area Water & Sewer Authority wanted to install an additional 20" water main to Pinto Island, an area known for its ship building and port activities SJ&L was chosen to perform this work.

  • 1,903 ft directional bore was installed ranging in depth from 5 ft on each end to 150’ at its deepest point, which was 100 ft below the river bottom

Click on image for Pinto Island Water Main project photos